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Addiction And Recovery in Wall SD 57790

Gay Sex Addiction and Its Symptoms

Gay sex addiction or sex addiction can best be described as a persistent and progressive pattern of sexual behaviors continually acted out despite negative consequences. Some of the behaviors that may reflect sex addiction or compulsive sexual behavior are:


  • prostitution
  • attendance at strip clubs or book stores
  • masturbation
  • sexual aversion
  • pornography
  • phone sex
  • cyber sex
  • multiple partners
  • unsafe sex

Consequences of Gay Sex Addiction And Recovery Wall SD 57790 Addiction


Those suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism can become lost in sexual preoccupation which can result in emotional distance from loved ones. The result can mean the ending of a friendship or a relationship with a partner. From an emotional perspective, stress, and anxiety are certainly common place as the person suffering from gay sex addiction constantly has a fear of being found out. For those that haven’t Wall SD 57790 “come out” with regards to their sexuality, the fear is twofold. In addition to the stress, shame and guilt are right behind as the individual constantly finds themselves compromising values and beliefs they held true. Physically, diseases can be spread quickly as those suffering from sex addiction tend to not practice safe sex. Impulsive thinking generally leads to decisions that can end in the spread of HIV, herpes, Addiction And Recovery Wall SD 57790 genital warts and other STD’s.

In describing the consequences associated with gay sex addiction many people tend to forget the legal, financial and spiritual aspects of the disease. Many of the activities associated with sex addiction are against the law such as obscene phone calls, prostitution, incest, rape, exhibitionism or sexual harassment. Sex addiction has been the result of job loss, professional licensure and worse. Financially, those suffering from Wall SD 57790 sex addiction spend large sums of money on prostitutes, cyber sex, phone sex and affairs with multiple partners. The cost of legal fees is not lost on those having to deal with divorce or arrest. Sex addiction can be a very costly affair. The spiritual consequences of sex addiction are usually found in the areas of self pity, shame, guilt and lonliness.

Sex Addiction, Drug Addiction and Drug Rehab

It Wall SD 57790 is not unusual for gays or lesbians suffering from sex addiction to turn to drugs or alcohol as a means to cope with the feelings and lifestyle that accompanies this lifestyle. Drug addiction and alcohol addiction is not uncommon for someone to experience who is a sex addict. When it comes to addiction treatment or drug rehab, it is extremely important for recovery that the gay drug rehab Wall SD 57790 or drug rehab that is chosen has a sex addiction component. The staff needs to be trained in how to treat sex addiction, as well as, the triggers in a drug rehab that is not all about sex addiction treatment. Most drug rehab programs that admit people for the treatment of drug addiction often miss identifying and treating the sex addict. Be careful in selecting your drug rehab Wall SD 57790 and sex addiction treatment program.

If you are looking for a gay friendly drug rehab able to treat sex addiction you can go to or call 1-800-511-9225, which is a national drug rehab referral helpline.

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